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We need an Olympian focus on charter school facts

August 17, 2016 | Liam Kerr

Ah, the parallels.

Watching the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, one is reminded that not too long ago, a bid was launched to host the 2024 games right here in Boston. The proposal raised complex questions — and touched off a heated controversy.

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Editorial: Charter debate gets real

August 17, 2016 | Herald Staff

The proposal to expand the number of charter schools in the state that’s on the November ballot just took on a new level of importance this week with applications filed by six groups seeking to open charter schools and 12 existing charters looking to expand.

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Charter schools seek to expand

August 16, 2016 | Jamie Vasnis, Boston Globe



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Ballot question on charter schools divides Democrats

August 15, 2016 | Jim O’Sullivan

A ballot proposal to expand charter schools across the state could drive a further wedge between Democratic Party factions when state committee members gather Tuesday night in Lawrence.

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Foxboro Regional Charter School seeking to expand number of students by one-third


The Foxboro Regional Charter School, which has already undergone one major expansion since its founding in 1998, is seeking to increase its 1,300-student capacity by another 400 students.

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Collegiate Charter School has a lot to celebrate

August 15, 2016 | Amelia Pak-Harvey

LOWELL -- The site at 1857 Middlesex St. is a busy one, as the Lowell Collegiate Charter School prepares to begin this school year in its new location -- and with a new name.

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Walz: A Democrat’s case for charter schools

August 11, 2016 | Marty Walz

Boston charter schools achieve tremendous results. They rank among the top public schools in the state, with long wait lists. The majority of Massachusetts voters tell pollsters they want more charter schools.

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Editorial: In charters, more time for learning

August 10, 2016 | MetroWest Daily News Editorial Staff

While most kids are still basking in mid-summer indolence, the school year has already begun for the students at the Edward Brooke Charter School. The school’s three K-8 campuses in Boston opened for kindergartners on Tuesday, and the older kids start Thursday.

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My classmates and I are living proof that charter schools change lives for the better

August 10, 2016 | Dominique Calixte

When I was a young woman, my mother told me I would be attending a charter school when I entered sixth grade. Like any kid, I just wanted to do what my friends were doing, but my mother had other plans for me, and I’m so grateful she did.

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MassMutual Program Introduces Students to Law Careers

August 9, 2016 | Kathleen Mitchell

Bullying and cyberbullying are pertinent issues for teens today, and this summer 40 students in the Summer Legal Institute at MassMutual played the role of an attorney and presented arguments for clients during a mock court trial.

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